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Shepard Law, LLC assists clients in all aspects of divorce, such as child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and property division, with the goal of helping clients peaceably resolve potentially contentious issues. Our Douglas County based divorce attorneys capably handle trials, mediation, and custody proceedings, and we can effectively advise and assist in both contested and uncontested divorces or custody cases.

Our concern first and foremost is getting you the outcome that you believe to be fair and equitable, whatever that may look like to you. We understand that divorces and custody cases can be stressful and overwhelming and we make it our top priority to explain the process each step of the way while being empathetic to your needs.


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Family Law FAQ’s

What will my case cost me?

Family Law cases are charged on a flat rate fee scale. Contact us for an initial consultation to determine what your case will cost you. With family law cases, unfortunately, predicting what your entire case will cost you is impossible. Family law cases are charged at an hourly rate. This hourly rate is taken out of a retainer fee that you provide upfront and replenish as the case moves along. The cost for attorney services varies drastically from case to case, and will be explained more thoroughly based on your individual case in your free initial consultation. Shepard Law is one of the few law firms who provide low cost/affordable rates for low income clients. If you feel that you are unable to afford an attorney, please contact us and we can discuss payment options and reduced rates if you qualify.

My ex is no longer involved in my child’s life. Can I terminate their rights?

Terminating another parent’s rights in Colorado is incredibly difficult. You must prove with clear and convincing evidence (a much higher standard than other court proceedings) that termination is in the best interests of the children. This can be proven through a parent’s incarceration, drug use, physical abuse, or other similar circumstances. You may also have other options depending on your circumstances. Shepard Law has helped clients modify their current parenting plans to better protect children who have absent parents who may be a danger to their children, without terminating their rights. Another option may be stepparent adoption. If your child’s biological parent has been absent for over a year or has not paid child support for over a year, a step-parent may petition the court for adoption. For more information on modification proceedings or adoption proceedings, contact us.

How long will my divorce take?

Once you file for divorce, there is a mandatory 90-day waiting period before the court will enter a decree. The quickest you can get divorced is 90 days from the time the Petition was served if one party filed or from the time the Petition was filed if you filed jointly. However, depending on the issues in your case, especially if children are involved, this process may take much longer.

What is the difference between filing for dissolution of marriage and filing for legal separation?

Procedurally, dissolution of marriage (divorce) and legal separation are exactly the same. In either proceeding, you will be entitled to a determination of maintenance (formerly alimony), child support, parental rights and responsibilities, and division of property. The only difference between the two is that with legal separation, a decree is not entered and you will still remain legally married to your spouse. Religious preferences are often the reason some people opt to file for legal separation rather than dissolution of marriage, but there are other reasons as well. Regardless of what you chose as being the best option for you, Shepard Law is here to help.

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